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"A" Axial Piston Pumps for heavy-duty open circuit applications. Wide range of controls. Excellent life characteristics. Suitable for most fluids, including HLP,HFA, HFB, HFC ,HFD, HFR , HFE, Isocyanates & Polyols. Fixed and variable capacities from 11.5 to 125 cm3/rev.

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  • Unique construction allows operation on a wide range of fluids. i.e.Hydraulic Mineral Oils, Water Emulsions,Water Glycols, Phosphete Ester, Diesel and other special fluids.
  • Wide range of controls as standard, with many special variants possible to suit specialised applications.
  • Fast and accurate control response.
  • Compact overall dimensions with good power to weight ratio.
  • Designed and developed to give long operating life.
  • Reliability proven over 35 years in the most demanding of conditions.